Where’s it going?

The State Policy Network (SPN) has been used as the “middle man” for the national right-wing network, as SPN is funded by numerous right-wing foundations, including the Koch-funded Donors Capital Fund and Donors Trust, and in return SPN has given out millions in grants to its right-wing state affiliates. SPN’s funders also include the ultraconservative Bradley Foundation, the Roe Foundation the JM Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation (the Coors family), PhRMA, and the Koch brothers’ own Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation.

Track this right-wing distribution network using the map below. Click on any state to learn more about SPN’s local agenda there.


*The totals here represent only funds directly received by SPN’s national headquarters, and do not include the millions more directly poured by these and other groups into SPN’s affiliates.