THE PROGRESSIVE: ‘Rightwing Think-Thanks Push Privatization in the States’

11/13/2013 on

A network of rightwing groups is driving news coverage, phony research, and legislation that pushes its privatization agenda in all the states, according to 12 new reports published concurrently today.

In Wisconsin, the focus is on privatizing the public schools.

The Wisconsin report, by One Wisconsin Now, the creators of, and the Center for Media and Democracy, creators of ALECExposed, documents a two-decade-long assault on public education, including a propaganda campaign to push the idea that public schools are “failing,” and legislation that “solves” this problem by shifting funding from public schools to unaccountable private education entities.

“These Wisconsin groups pass themselves off as home grown research organizations commenting on the issues of the day,” says One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “But in reality they are strands in a much larger right-wing web of money and organizations dedicated to advancing the agenda of multi-national corporations and billionaire ideologues.”

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